Geraldine has successfully advocated for important legislation that focuses on safe communities and schools, families, and education.
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HB955- Department of Housing and Community Development – Crisis Shelter Home Program for the Homeless – Signed into Law- Chapter 105

This bill alters the scope of and renaming the Homeless Women – Crisis Shelter Home Program as the Crisis Shelter Home Program for the Homeless in the Department of Housing and Community Development; repeals a certain time limit on the availability of a temporary residence under the Program; and repeals a certain regulatory requirement concerning fees for services under the Program.

HB1130 Residential Treatment Centers – Mandatory Reporting of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior- Passed both Houses

This bill requires that certain residential treatment centers be subject to certain reporting requirements regarding inappropriate sexual behavior established by the Maryland Department of Health under certain regulations; and defines “inappropriate sexual behavior”.

HB1136 Student Hearing and Vision Screenings – Reporting Requirements- 

This bill requires the Maryland Department of Health to review certain reports and, in counties where fewer than 50% of students who have failed hearing and vision screenings are receiving the recommended services, to coordinate with the county board or the county health department to implement measures to improve the number of students receiving the recommended services.

HB 1302 Public Safety – Extreme Risk Prevention Orders- Signed into Law- Chapter 250

This bill authorizes certain individuals to file a petition for an extreme risk prevention order with a certain court or law enforcement agency under certain circumstances; authorizes a certain judge to enter an interim extreme risk prevention order to order the respondent to surrender to law enforcement authorities any firearm in the respondent’s possession and to refrain from possession of any firearm for the duration of the extreme risk prevention order; authorizes a judge to proceed with a final extreme prevention order under certain circumstances; etc.

HB1386 Public Schools – Reporting Child Abuse – Telephone Number- Signed into Law- Chapter 32

This bill encourages public schools to post the appropriate telephone number for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect conspicuously in a high-traffic, widely used area of the school; and requires a county board to ensure that the appropriate telephone number for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect is published in student handbooks and on the website of the county board or local school system.

HB1614 Public Safety – Military Service Members – Civil Relief- Signed into Law- Chapter 344

This bill providing that certain rights granted to members of the Maryland National Guard under the Act are in addition to the rights granted by federal law; establishes that the intent of the Act is to supplement certain rights and protections provided by a certain federal statute; authorizing a certain service member to terminate a certain contract at a certain time under certain circumstances; provides for the method by which a certain service member may terminate a certain contract; etc.

HB1615 Human Services – Temporary Disability Assistance Program- Passed  both Houses

This bill establishes the Temporary Disability Assistance Program in the Department of Human Services; requires the Family Investment Administration to be the central coordinating and directing agency of the Program; requires the Program to be administered by the local departments of social services in a certain manner; specifies the requirements for entitlement to assistance under the Program; requiring the monthly allowable assistance under the Program to equal at least $215 in fiscal year 2020; etc.

HB635- (CH168) Criminal Law- Homicide by Motor Vehicle or Vessel While Impaired by a Controlled Substance- Penalties

This bill increased penalties from 3 years to 5 years imprisonment for the crime of homicide by motor vehicle or vessel while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance.

HB1071- (CH702) Vehicle Laws- Victim’s Representative Notification-License Suspension Hearing

This bill requires the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission to distribute the victim’s representation notification form developed by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention to each law enforcement agency in the State; requires a specified investigating agency to provide specified information and a specified form to a victim’s representative; alters the time period during which a victim’s representative may file a specified form to at least 30 days prior to a specified hearing; etc.

HB1433 (CH698) Local Income Tax Overpayments-Local Reserve Accounty Repayment- Forgiveness

This bill Repeals a requirement that a county or municipal corporation that receives an overpayment of local income tax revenue reimburse the Local Reserve Account; repeals a requirement that the Comptroller withhold the amount specified counties or municipal corporations owe to the account from specified distributions; stating that it is the intent of the General Assembly that the Comptroller return from the Local Reserve Account any reimbursement payment made by a county or municipal corporation under specified provisions of law; etc.

HB1468-(CH700) Medical Records- Disclosure of Directory Information and Medical Records

This bill alters the circumstances under which a health care provider may disclose a medical record developed primarily in connection with mental health services; authorizes a health care provider to disclose directory information about a patient to a specified individual except under specified circumstances; requires a health care provider to inform a patient of healthcare information that the health care provider may include in a specified directory and the persons to whom the information may be disclosed; etc.

HB157- (CH518) Death or Life-Threatening Injury by Motor Vehicle or Vessel-Subsequent Offenders- Penalties

This bill establishes subsequent offender penalties for specified offenses that result in the death or life-threatening injury to another as the result of a specified person driving, operating, or controlling a vehicle or vessel; and provides that specified offenses committed in another state or federal jurisdiction are to be considered for the application of specified subsequent offender penalties.

HB166- (CH616) Criminal Procedure- Pretrial Release- Out of State Sex Offenders

This bill prohibits a District Court commissioner from authorizing the pretrial release of a defendant who is a sex offender who is required to register by another jurisdiction, a federal, military, or tribal court, or a foreign government.

HB707- (CH195) Study of Intercepting Horse Racing Winnings for Child Support and Restitution

This bill required the Department of Information Technology to analyze the logistics of intercepting horse racing winnings to pay for child support or restitution arrears, study the use of specified intercept methods by the State for child support enforcement and restitution collection, and make recommendations regarding specified matters; requiring the Department to report its finding and recommendations to the General Assembly on or before December 31, 2016; etc.

HB773- (CH630) Drunk and Drugged Driving- Evidence of Blood Test

This bill provides that, if a law enforcement officer testifies that the officer witnessed the taking of a blood specimen by a person who the officer reasonably believed was a qualified medical person, the officer’s testimony shall be sufficient evidence that the person was a qualified medical person and that the blood was obtained in compliance with specified provisions without testimony by the person who obtained the blood specimen; etc.

HB1236- (CH457) Vehicle Equipment-Counterfeit and Nonfunctional Airbags – Prohibitions

This bill prohibits a person from knowingly importing, manufacturing, distributing, selling, or offering for sale a counterfeit airbag or a nonfunctional airbag; prohibits a person from knowingly installing a counterfeit airbag or a nonfunctional airbag in a motor vehicle; prohibits a person from knowingly selling or installing a device that causes the vehicle diagnostic system to inaccurately indicate that the airbag is functional when a counterfeit airbag, a nonfunctional airbag, or no airbag is installed; etc.

HB263- (CH233)Domestic Violence- Permanent Protective Orders- Conspiracy or Solicitation to Commit Murder

This bill expands the circumstances under which a court is required to issue a permanent final protective order to include the conviction of an individual for conspiracy or solicitation to commit murder under specified circumstances.

HB386-(CH245) Child Abuse and Neglect-Centralized Confidential Database

This bill repeals  provisions of law authorizing the Social Services Administration and each local department of social services to maintain a central registry of child abuse and neglect cases and substituting provisions authorizing a centralized confidential database; requiring each local department to enter and have access to specified information in the database; specifying conditions under which an individual may be identified as responsible for child abuse or neglect in the centralized confidential database; etc.

HB501 -(CH426) Criminal Procedure- Victims of Crime- Notification Regarding DNA Profile

This bill requires a specified law enforcement agency or unit, under specified circumstances, to give a specified victim or victims’ representative timely notice as to specified matters relating to a specified DNA profile; requiring the State Board of Victim Services to develop pamphlets to notify victims and victims’ representatives of how to request information regarding an unsolved case; etc.

HB549- (CH93) Video Lottery Facility Payouts- Intercepts for Restitution Payments

This bill requires video lottery operation licensees to provide specified notices to obligors who win specified prizes and who owe restitution; requires video lottery operation licensees to make specified payments, withhold specified amounts, honor specified requests in a specified order, and transfer specified amounts under specified circumstances; authorizes specified obligors to appeal specified proposed transfers; etc.

HB286- Criminal Law- Use of Handgn in Crime of Violence

Extending the statute of limitations for a violation of a specified provision of law prohibiting using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence or felony; etc.  Note:  This bill was vetoed as duplicative by the Governor having been identified as identical to SB 248, the cross file of this bill from the 2013 Session.   SB 248 became CH149

HB352 Peace Orders and Protective Orders- Penalties – Second or Subsequent Offenses

This bill creates specified violations for failing to comply with an interim, a temporary, or a final protective order a prior offense for the purposes of determining penalties for a second or subsequent offense for failing to comply with an interim, a temporary, or a final peace order; etc. Note:  This bill was vetoed by the Governor as duplicative since it was identified as identical to its cross file SB369 which became CH159.

HB904 (CH621) – Children, Youth, and Family Services – Local Management Boards and State Spending – Information Collection and Report

This bill requires local management boards (LMBs) and State agencies to report specified information regarding programs for children, youth, and families to the Department of Legislative Services (DLS) by October 1, 2014. DLS must collect this information in the form of a data resource guide, organized by county and municipal corporation, and report it to the General Assembly by January 1, 2015. Information to be reported includes programs administered or funded by the LMB and outcome data for each program.

HB957 (CH244) – Impaired Driving – Repeat Offenders – Penalties

This bill increases the penalties for a third or subsequent conviction for certain drinking/drugged driving laws, including: driving while impaired by alcohol; driving while so far impaired by any drug, and/or drugs and alcohol that the person cannot safely drive a vehicle; committing either of these crimes while transporting a minor. Penalties for a third or subsequent conviction of the first two are increased from a maximum of one year imprisonment and/or a $500 fine to a maximum of three years imprisonment and/or a $3,000 fine; for the third from a maximum of one year imprisonment and or a $2,000 fine to a maximum of four years imprisonment and/or a $4,000 fine.

HB1245 – Crime Victim and Crime Victim’s Representative – Electronic Notification

This bill provides for a crime victim or a crime victim’s representative to request specified notices in an electronic form in accordance with the new Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) system. It also authorizes the prosecuting attorney and the clerk of the circuit or juvenile court to provide notices in an electronic form to the victim or victim’s representative. Note:   This bill was vetoed by the Governor since it was identified as identical to its cross file SB922 which became CH205.

HB909 (CH650) – Criminal Procedure – Venue for Prosecution of Murder and Manslaughter

This bill authorizes the prosecution of a person for first degree murder, second degree murder, or manslaughter to be brought in the county in which the crime occurred. If this cannot be determined, the prosecution may be brought in the county where the body or parts of the body were found.

HB916 (CH651) – Juvenile Law – Dispositions – Placement Guidance

This bill prohibits the juvenile court from committing a child to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) for out-of-home placement for certain lesser offenses (e.g., possession of marijuana, trespass) unless specified conditions are met. Out-of-home placements may include foster homes, group homes, residential treatment centers, and seven DJS-operated facilities.

HB921 (CH652) – Correctional Services – Inmate Earnings – Compensation for Victims of Crime

This bill requires the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) to withhold 20% of the earnings of an inmate in the Private Sector/Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Certification Program for compensation for victims of crime. DPSCS is required to report to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and House Judiciary Committee by December 1, 2013, on the payment of restitution by inmates under its jurisdiction.

HB707 (CH240) – Wrongful Death and Survival Causes of Action – Criminal Homicide – Time Limits for Bringing Civil Action

This bill delays the time when the statute of limitations begins to run for civil actions arising from a criminal homicide. If the conduct of an adverse party or his accomplice or accessory prevents a party from discovering the homicide or the identity of the person contributing to the homicide, the statutory period of limitations must begin to run at the time the party should have discovered this information through ordinary diligence.

HB1069 – Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2007 – Prince George’s County – Reid Community Business Development Center

This bill reduces the amount of matching funds to be provided by the Board of Directors of the Reid Community Development Corporation, as grantee, for the acquisition, planning, construction, and capital equipping of the Reid Community Business Development Center from $300,000 to $150,000. It also extends the deadline for the grantee to present evidence that a matching fund will be provided to June 1, 2014. Note: this bill was not passed separately but was rolled into SB1037 (CH659) – Prior Authorizations of State Debt to Fund Capital Projects – Alterations.

HB793 (CH82) – Behavioral Health – Veterans – Coordination and Provision of Services

This bill requires the continuance of the coordination of certain behavioral health services for certain veterans. It reenacts provisions of law that would have been abrogated as of May 31, 2011.

HB794 (CH361) – Division of Parole and Probation – Pre-Parole Investigations for Inmates of Local Facilities

This bill requires the Division of Parole and Probation to complete and deliver a pre-parole investigation of inmates in local correctional facilities within 60 days of that individual’s commitment. The investigation is delivered to the Maryland Parole Commission to help them more quickly determine the advisability of parole for certain inmates.

HB801 (CH362) – Criminal Procedures – Victims’ Rights – Enforcement

This bill requires a court to ensure that crime victims are afforded all of their rights under the law. It allows the court to enter a judgment of restitution if it finds that a victim’s right to restitution was not considered or improperly denied. The victim may file a motion requesting relief within 30 days of the denial or alleged failure to consider.

HB998 (CH518) – Militia – Employment for Military Spouses – Teachers, Health Care Practitioners, and Individuals in Business Occupations and Professions

This bill requires the head of the Maryland Military Department or his designee to assist the spouse of a military member who resides in or is transferred to the State in finding employment in certain professions. It also requires the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) develop an informational form that lists and explains various paths to certification and tenure for teachers in the State and which must be posted on its website.

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