Maryland (District 23A)

Dear Friends,
It is my privilege to represent the citizens of Legislative District 23A. I bring passion and commitment to my work in Annapolis every day so I can get things done to make our district the place to live, get an education, work and retire. I am always happy to hear from you on state issues of importance to you, your families and neighbors and take my responsibility seriously to lend assistance when you encounter a problem or need information on a government program. You can always call my office at 301-858- 3101 and you can also send me an email. If you are seeking information on legislation at the state level, you can obtain a status or watch hearings here. Please invite me to your community meetings, as I always enjoy listening and learning about your communities and am happy to share what is happening in Annapolis. You can access news of importance to all of us throughout the year by following my newsletters at the links below. Please email my office to be added to the mailing list. Again, thank you for the honor of being your Delegate. I love my job and appreciate your vote of confidence.