Geraldine Valentino-Smith

District 23A

Geraldine Valentino-Smith was elected to represent District 23A in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. She is a proud member of Team 23 and is endorsed by a diverse group of community leaders, advocacy groups and citizens. Geraldine is a lifelong resident of the District, graduated from a Prince George’s public high school and has a nursing and law degree. She married another Bowie resident, PJ Smith, and they are raising three kids with two in college and one in middle school. She is a fierce advocate for Prince George’s County and the residents of her District.
Geraldine’s eight years of experience in Annapolis have led to multiple appointments which help her represent her community and work for systemic changes. She serves on the House Appropriations Committee, the Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, First Vice Chair of the Prince George’s Delegation, Deputy Majority Whip, Select Committee on Homelessness, Governor’s Two Generation Family and Economic Security Commission, and Speaker appointed member on the Workgroup for Affordable Health Care.

While raising her family in Bowie, she gained extensive experience with community and advocacy groups in Bowie and the County and learned the importance of working with citizens at the local level for grassroots change. In 2007, she was elected to the at-large seat on the Bowie City Council and re-elected in 2009. During that tenure, she served as the Council Liaison to the Education and Diversity Committee; the Prince George’s Municipal Association (PGCMA); the Metropolitan Council on Government (COG); and served as a co-chair of the Children’s National Medical Center Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy. She also serves on the Bowie State Foundation Board.

Geraldine was proud to be appointed this year to the Workgroup on Affordable Care, which is tasked with creating proposals to help Maryland protect its citizens from federal changes in health care policy. Her lifelong experience in health care earned her this appointment. She attended Catholic University receiving her Bachelors in Nursing, worked in Endocrinology and Pediatrics at the National Institutes of Health and eventually returned to Catholic to earn a Juris Doctor from the Catholic University Columbus School of Law. Combining her experience as a nurse and lawyer, she worked in the health law and legislative field in Baltimore and Annapolis garnering advocacy experience before the Maryland General Assembly and state regulatory authorities.

Geraldine was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee for six years where she served as an advocate for Justice Reinvestment to reduce mandatory minimum mandatory prison sentences and investment in educational opportunities for re-entry and troubled youth. In her capacity as a Member of the Appropriations Committee, she passed the first increase in 15 years in payments for Temporary Disability Assistance which helps the poorest of the poor within Maryland. She is working hard to raise the profile of the poor since they often have no strong voice to represent them in Annapolis.

Having three children in various levels of their education, Geraldine is well aware of the struggles facing families today. She knows time and money are always in short supply. She works hard to bring additional funding home to our County for our public schools, especially bringing attention to much needed PreK funding, changes in formula funding which greatly impacts our school funding levels, and innovative changes for innovation in funding for new school construction which is so desperately needed.


2018– Department of Defense- Certificate of Appreciation for Leadership for service members & families
2018 Community Action Partner Award Maryland Community Action Partnership
2017 Prince Georges County Municipal Association and Maryland Municipal League Award
2017 American Veteran’s A. Leo Anderson Memorial Freestate Award of Excellence
2016 Maryland State Medical Society Legislative Award
2016 Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility Outstanding Commitment and Leadership in the Fight Against Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking
2015 Maryland Nurses Association Service Award
2014 Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s WRAPPY Award for Public Service
2014 Outstanding Friend of Maryland Municipal League
2014 Maryland State’s Attorneys’ Association Legislation of the Year
2013 Maryland Municipal League Certificate of Appreciation
2012 Maryland Nurse’s Association, Legislator of the Year Award
2012 Martin Luther King Commemorative Award
2011 Department of Maryland Disabled American Veterans Outstanding Freshman Legislator

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